COVID-19 Notice: We Are Still Open

Meals on Wheels is committed to staying open during this crisis as much as possible.
We provide an essential and critical service to our individual clients AND to our community, by keeping vulnerable homebound individuals in their homes and fed.

  • If you are sick, if you have an underlying condition that compromises your immune system, OR if you have been exposed to someone who is sick, please call us right away and cancel your shifts.
  • If you are not comfortable coming in because you are fearful, first, please read the following; if you are still not comfortable, please cancel your shift with as much notice as possible.
  • If you are just back from travel (no matter from where) please cancel your shifts for 14 days and after that, we will be so happy to see you!
  • If you are healthy, you have not been exposed to someone who is sick, and you do not have an underlying condition that compromises your condition, we welcome you with huge gratitude.

We are determined to keep volunteers AND clients safe. Meals on Wheels plays an important role in moving through this crisis.



  • Sanitation. We are wiping doorknobs, coolers, blue bags, and clipboards with disinfectant wipes throughout the day.
  • Supplies to bring. If you have hand sanitizer, use it in your car between deliveries. If you have a mask, wear it while talking with clients. If you have disposable gloves, those are great, too – although less critical, because they can get dirty just as hands can – and they should be thrown away at the end of each route.
  • Stay in your car and wait for your route number to be called from one of the kitchen helpers. Drivers should not be congregating in the kitchen. If you keep a distance of 6’ from other deliverers, you are welcome to chat with other drivers standing outside. You will be notified by a kitchen helper when your hot bag is ready.
  • The kitchen door will be open. We will prop the door open so that you should not have to touch the doorknob. Come into the kitchen when your route number is called
  • Walk straight to the hand-washing sink and wash your hands using water as hot as you can tolerate and plenty of soap, dry your hands while the water runs, then turn off the handles using a paper towel and throw it away.
  • Please carry the bag and route sheet out the door and do your count just outside (unless it is raining). If you need to set the meals outside of the bag to count them, you may do your count inside as usual. Load the cooler in your car.
  • When making the delivery, put the hot meal and the cold meal bag in a plastic bag at the last minute, hang the bag on the doorknob and knock. Step back at least 6′ and wait.
  • If you wish, when the client opens the door, smile, wave, and chat as you’d like, maintaining the minimal 6′ distance.
  • If the client does NOT come to the door, call them at the number on the route sheet, and if there is still no response, check with your coordinator to see if meals should be left.
  • Make notes on your route sheet about anyone not home or any questions or issues.  It’s important to communicate who isn’t home or any issues that arise but writing them down will make our communication more efficient.
  • When talking with staff, please keep a 6 foot distance between individuals.
  • Wash your hands again before you leave to get in your car again. We want you well!


  • When you arrive, wash your hands as usual.
  • Be absolutely meticulous about not touching your face. Use gloves, hair nets, beard nets and use the bleach wipes to clean surfaces between types of food being on that surface.
  • Take extra care if you cough or sneeze–make sure you do it deeply into your elbow.  If you have a mask, bring it and wear it while working with food that is not yet packaged.
  • Support kitchen staff in propping the door open while drivers are coming and going so they don’t have to touch the doorknob.
  • Read everything above so that you know how to advise drivers.
  • When possible, given our limited space, keep physical distance between yourself and other volunteers.
  • We can do this together, as a service, with joy and friendship, while protecting ourselves and our clients!


-The Members of the Meals on Wheels of College Park Board of Directors

**Portions of this document were used with permission by Meals on Wheels of Takoma Park

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